In 1969 Hou-Fab & Maintenance Inc. began offering fast, competent fabrication and maintenance services to the Greater Houston and Galveston areas.  Now 35 years later we still stand for the same thing...doing the job right!  



While our personnel may have changed over time our commitment to excellence has been passed down with each generation.  In a time when a person's word seems to be worth less and less don't take ours, just  have a look at our projects and customers.  Better yet contact us,  we would love to talk over whatever job you need done.





We fabricate and install:

Bulk handling Equipment - Conveyors - Weigh Boxes

Holding Hoppers - Screws - Airslides - Elevators - Silos

Dust Collectors - Heat Treat Furnaces - (Your project here)

We also provide maintenance on these and many other industrial structures.


We are proud members of the Better Business Bureau and the National Federation of Independent Business